Coconut Kissed Body Balm with Lavender
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A solid, body balm with lavender essential oil in a push-up

tube.  The moisturizing balm melts on contact with your skin

and is quickly absorbed!  The push up tube is portable, con-

venient, and is ideal for travel, the beach, and for use as a

body massage oil.  Made by hand with organic coconut oil

and shea butter, naturally derived Vitamin E and wild harvested

candelilla wax.


Have you tried using the body balm as a bug repellent? Customers

report that it effectively repels no-seeums, mosquitoes, and black


2.5 oz

Made in U. S. A.

Item #: CKBBL

  • Item #: CKBBL

Coconut Kissed Body Balm with Lavender

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